WorkMarket Mobile App

WorkMarket is a enterprise software platform for employers managing and paying freelancers as well as freelancers finding jobs, managing their work and getting paid.

User personas for the worker mobile side of the platform created from data and user research. The most common job title on the platform was IT Professional with the most common pain points being a backlog of unanswered job invites, ill-fitting job searches and a lack of work.

User testing was done utilizing InVision and Validately with the results being recorded in a Findings and Recommendations chart and presented to the product and scrum teams.

User journey mapping tracked 5 things: Experience, attitudes, people/group interactions, off-platform touch points and user pain points.

A 4-Box exercise helped us determine the important features and fixes to put on the roadmap.

Card sort exercise performed with users of the platform to help identify the most important features for a new dashboard.

Welcome screen redesign. Short, sweet and rid of visual clutter.

User profile. Having the ability to add title, address and skills were critical to a good mobile profile experience, goals were to increase platform engagement, promote the employer/worker relationship by allowing workers skills and assets to stand out easily to employers. Also changed the nav to be clearer for users.

User’s funds screen. The goals for this redesign were to make it easier to read in a list format rather than a horizontal format, which felt awkward, make the hierarchy and desired action clearer, make a bolder CTA that was easier to reach with your thumb as well.

Assignment details screen. Users are on usually on the go, they’re driving, they’re often at other jobs while they’re browsing work. The details hierarchy needs to be easier to extract from the assignment details than they currently are.

New onboarding design. It previously got a 33% conversion rate with a series of screens with wordy coachmarks. When we launched the full onboarding with a 4-step information process with nice big type in short sentences that proposed things that would directly benefit the user and bold clear CTA’s, conversion rates went up to 66%.